Wild Connections


We protect and restore wild nature on public lands in the Arkansas and South Platte river watersheds from I-70 south to the Spanish Peaks. Our work benefits wildlife as well as people and communities by connecting protected wildlands for migratory animals across the central Rockies.  We engage people in decision-making about our public lands. We act for the long-term preservation of areas where nature can thrive.


Public lands are under attack. Climate change is real. Special interests want to abuse wild areas and harm land, water, and native species. Our volunteers close illegal motorized routes so that wildlife can thrive in quiet reconnected places. We’re active in the decision-making that leads to changes on public lands. We lead back-country hikes and educational events to show how we all can act for the benefit of public lands.


Money and volunteers for projects; participants in hikes and events promoting awareness of wild places; and citizens who will contact agencies and legislators to support conservation of public lands.

Did You Know

40-50 volunteers worked on each of three days to reclaim approximately two miles of illegal road via raking, seeding, and mulching, protecting habitat and delicate tundra.

“I enjoyed the work I was doing and the nature surrounding me… digging holes, collecting rocks, putting in metal poles. How important it is to take care of the world we live in! Otherwise it will not be as beautiful as it once was.”
— Katie H, restoration project volunteer

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