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Westside CARES


Westside CARES is neighbors helping neighbors. It affirms human dignity by ameliorating the conditions of poverty and preventing homelessness through food, clothing, laundry, health-care, ID cards, mail, utilities or rent, and creates a community that values all of its members. Each year the nearly 22,000 neighbors we serve can rely on a safe, welcoming space to access the services they need to fill the gaps.


In Westside CARES’ core service area poverty rates range upwards to nearly 20-30%. These west-side families are barely able to afford very basic housing, even in the best of circumstances. To afford an average apartment without being “cost-burdened,” Colorado Springs’ households must earn a minimum of $25,680 per year. Yet the average family income for most west-side neighborhoods is less than $30,000.


Non-perishable food for our food pantries; gloves and winter coats; new underwear for our clothing closet; and weekly volunteers.

Did You Know

90% of Westside CARES neighbors have a steady job and income that does not keep up with the basic cost of living in the region – even in economic prosperity.

“I don’t know where I would be without you. Thank you for always showing me what I can still do, what I still have… and the parts I had forgotten I have. That’s priceless to me just like you are.” — Westside CARES Neighbor

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