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Voces Unidas for Justice


Everyone deserves a life free of violence full of love, respect, equality and consent. Through 1 on 1 advocacy, therapy, groups, leadership development, building a sense of community & mitigating barriers to services like fees, language, cultural aspects & stigma we move to a individualistic form of justice. With evidence-based curricula & trauma informed practices we aim to achieve each survivors idea of hope.


This matters because we all deserve Love, Respect, Equality, and Consent. This matters because surviving violence is more common than one wants to to think. This matters because we all deserve a chance to heal in our own culture, in the language of our homes, and to have access to justice and resources inclusive of all our individual needs. Life affirming services that see you for who and how you are matter.


We are in need of monies to assist survivors in securing legal representation. We also need volunteers, and exposure in Colorado.

Did You Know

Studies show that advocates are the least utilized by survivors, at 2%, but the most helpful at 95%. Vs the most utilized, a friend, who is helpful 40% of the time.

““A complete life changing experience! I've learned to honor, have courage and commitment for myself. It taught me to respect myself, and to love myself unconditionally. Voces Unidas gave me a voice & inner strength that I am proud to share.”” — Tammy Arredondo-Terwilliger, 2019 [email protected] de Paz

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