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Victory Service Dogs


The mission of Victory Service Dogs is to improve the quality of life, and, in some cases, save the life, of Colorado veterans w/ PTSD or other mental or mobility issues through the partnership with a loving service dog, so they can achieve a more fulfilling life of increased independence, purpose & dignity. Our program is unique because we train the dog AND the veteran together, advancing their teamwork from day one.


Colorado has one of the worst veteran suicide rates in the country, and Victory Service Dogs was created to combat that worsening statistic. We give struggling veterans hope, a new teammate, and a new mission – at a cost much less than other service dog organizations. Our program is unique: we train the veteran alongside the dog for 18-24 months, which improves the training results and advances rehabilitation.


Victory Service Dogs is in need of more board members with business experience, a full-time licensed counselor, a full-time admin assistant, more dog foster families, more certified dog trainers

Did You Know

A trained service dog can cost from $15K – $30K, with limited client interaction. Our dogs cost ~$7K and we train the client and dog TOGETHER to build a stronger bond.

“Since receiving Neala [my service dog], I have had not only a lift in spirits and a more positive outlook, but also a renewed sense of purpose as I now focus on her needs & training... she is helping me to keep things in a more productive perspective.” — Sean Banks

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