Victory Service Dogs


Victory Service Dogs helps veterans achieve a full life of increased independence, purpose and dignity through a partnership with a loving service dog/companion. We use a client-based training model that helps keeps costs to veterans low. The entire program takes 9 to 18 months for team certification.


Our mission is to help veterans who suffer from PTSD, anxiety, TBIs and other disabilities get a service dog that will help them get through their daily lives and become more accustomed to civilian life after the military. These service dogs help them with specific tasks and also assist by being in tune with the veterans’ needs by getting them to pay attention to the dog rather than their own disabilities.


Board positions (vice president, secretary, director of sponsors, director of dog training and treasurer); service dog trainers; training facility; office; and printing services.

Did You Know

Victory Service Dogs is the only service dog client-trained-based nonprofit in the Pikes Peak region that services veterans exclusively.

“Dogs don’t know how to judge. Hero loves me unconditionally, without exceptions. I know the following to be a fact, I would not be alive to write this had Victory Service Dogs not given me a second chance at life. My family and I are forever grateful!” — Joshua Emer

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