Urban Peak Colorado Springs


Urban Peak embraces youths and young adults ages 15-24 experiencing or at risk of homelessness by creating a safe environment of support, encouragement and hope for a bright future. UPCS is the only nonprofit organization in Colorado Springs offering a full convergence of trauma-informed, developmentally appropriate and strength-based services for youth.


With compassion, guidance and support, positive change and healing can happen for homeless youth. Our data proves that when UPCS gets involved, young people are more likely to find a path to success, whether it is providing support in completing high school or starting higher education, finding sustainable employment, managing chronic or mental illness, or reunifying with family in a safe environment.


Volunteers to cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner; volunteers to  become tutors, link employers to our program, or join the Safe Place Network team. Some opportunities require a background check.

Did You Know?

UPCS provided outreach services to 446 young people in 2016, and 328 youths dropped by the shelter 2,157 times.

“I owe them my life. They gave me the help and support to get me off the street and become a successful member of my community.”
— Eric P., UPCS youth