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We believe that everyone can grow from the physical and mental benefits that come from enjoying healthy outdoor activities. Our programs are open to ALL individuals in the Colorado Springs community. We are a membership fee-free organization with no prerequisites, and we provide all of the knowledge, gear, and inspiration needed to enjoy all of the outdoor recreation opportunities that the region has to offer.


Outdoor recreation can be a very expensive, intimidating, and scary world for some. Although many of Colorado Springs residents do live an “outdoorsy” lifestyle, many others face barriers that prevent them from ever getting to experience these opportunities. UpaDowna was born out of a need to help our community members who are less fortunate get to experience the mental and physical benefits of an outdoors lifestyle.


Volunteers for: grant writing, trademark attorney, social media manager, events planner, PR director, office manager. Equipment needed: cargo van to transport bicycle equipment.

Did You Know

Forest vitamins, or phytoncides, have beneficial effects on human NK blood cells that help fight virus-infected cells and can last in our system for up to 30 days!

“Since I had my son, I know how important it is to be outside. However, we don’t have a yard or live close to a park, which is why we started joining UpaDowna. I want him to be able to have opportunities I had as a child...and ones I didn’t have.” — Aimee V.

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