UCCS Galleries of Contemporary Art


What makes UCCS Galleries of Contemporary Art (GOCA) unique is simple: While a traditional art museum is about connecting people with art, we create living culture and connect people to each other through art. We are part of UCCS with deep roots in the community, and rely on the community to produce award-winning programs that are accessible to all.


Beyond bringing innovative, boundary-breaking visual arts exhibits to our galleries, we produce programs and events that engage and delight our audiences. Programs build on concepts in the art exhibitions in varied ways, and they are all about sensory experiences: talking, touching, learning, dancing, tasting. Fact: You’ll feel smarter and inspired after visiting GOCA. We promise!


Distribution of posters and postcards; events volunteers; help installing and de-installing exhibitions; and culture champions who bring people to GOCA events and participate.

Did you know?

One hundred percent of the funds GOCA raises goes to programs. Said another way — GOCA is responsible for raising all the funding for all programming.

“Stressing community involvement on aesthetics and cultural issues, GOCA can certainly be seen as a challenge to Denver as the center of Colorado’s art scene.”
— James Sawyer, writer for theculturetrip.com and GOCA patron