UCCS Aging Center


The Aging Center is the only mental health clinic in the Pikes Peak region exclusively devoted to serving older adults and their families, particularly those with few resources. We help seniors navigate late-life challenges by assessing and treating problems with memory, depression, anxiety and many other difficulties that make it harder to age well.


Aging happens to all of us, regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, income, occupation, education, location, hair color, food preferences, musical tastes, political affiliation or creative fashion choices. When you can’t remember the title of that movie starring what’s-his-name, or you’re usually still in your pajamas at 5 p.m., you may wonder whether you should be worried. The Aging Center can help.


Office supplies, bookshelves, file cabinet stoppers, brochure printing, printer toner, desktop printer, part-time contract psychologists, and volunteer committee members.

Did You Know

Approximately half of older adults with dementia experience some form of abuse.

“I was accepted here with low income and resources… and given support through some very difficult conflict. The Aging Center probably saved my life”
— Anonymous client

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