Trails and Open Space Coalition


We’re small, local and passionate about our outdoor spaces. We work to create and connect trails, conserve open space and parks, and ensure that our natural places are cared for. For the past 31 years, we’ve focused on preservation, trail connectivity and stewardship. TOPS expires in 2025, and the Legacy Loop still has gaps. Let’s tackle these critical challenges together!


Our advocacy has kept our Trails, Open Space & Parks (TOPS) program true to our community’s love for healthy parks. As a coalition, we will gather partners and lead the charge to keep TOPS around for an additional 25 years! We remain committed to strengthening Friends groups, supporting efforts to preserve rapidly disappearing natural places, and providing recreational opportunities for our growing region.


Passionate hikers and cyclists who want to connect with decision-makers and make sure that their priorities are heard, and Friends groups to care for orphan parks and open spaces

Did You Know

Last fall we won a Spirit of The Springs Award for our advocacy for the Trails, Open Space and Parks Program (TOPS) over the past 20 years.

“Trails and Open Space Coalition has been a champion of the TOPS program from the beginning. TOPS and TOSC are committed to creating a community that matches our scenery. The Spirit of the Springs Award goes to those who are making a real difference.” — Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers

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