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Trails and Open Space Coalition


Everyone deserves easy access to the outdoors, because the outdoors connect us to ourselves and to each other.
This guides everything we do at the Trails and Open Space Coalition. Preserving open space, connecting trails, championing our Friends Groups; we exist to protect those public spaces you care about. We strive to be your eyes, ears and voice for trails, parks and open spaces.


In a community of “ultra-users,” we take your passions, priorities and vision seriously. More miles of trails, more acres of open space; we focus on taking care of what we have and planning for our children and their children. Extending and increasing the ability of our TOPS program to keep accomplishing great things is our “top” priority. Only with your help can we succeed!


People passionate about parks, trails and open space willing to be foot soldiers in a grass roots TOPS education effort.

Did You Know

TOPS has built 50 miles of trail, preserved 4,800 acres of open space and completed 38 park projects. TOPS is the best gift we ever gave to ourselves.

“When Boulder Park neighbors began working together to revitalize our park, the Trails and Open Space Coalition reached out to us. Thanks in large part to their mentoring and advice, we are making great progress.” — Cathe Bailie, Co-Chair, Friends of Boulder Park

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