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The Unsteady Hand - an artist collective


We are re-imagining Parkinson’s through communal creative engagement and improving quality of life for those living with Parkinson’s, along with their care partners, friends, and family. Our Creativity Labs provide an outlet for imagination and uniqueness. Drawing, painting, printmaking, and bookbinding allow us to feed the soul, work on fine motor skills, and create an intentional community of positivity.


We are passionate about seeing those who do not consider themselves artists producing ‘fine art.’ Focusing on purposeful artistic activities, we alleviate some of the ravages of Parkinson’s and develop a groovy thing called neuroplasticity. We are made stronger by our many community partners, both local businesses and non-profits. Our stellar participants and our inspirational leader Mo make us great!


The Unsteady Hand could use in-kind gifts to include art supplies, Creativity Lab volunteers, artist facilitators, printing, legal services for a trademark application.

Did You Know

We improve the quality of life for some of the 17,000 Coloradans with Parkinson’s; Mo Onstad, founder, and Executive Director is one of them.

“The Unsteady Hand is a gift. The act of creating art impacts our brain and helps with our physical dexterity. No one draws a straight line, but the hesitant brushstroke can produce lovely abstract figures and landscapes.” — Kathleen R. - An Unsteady Participant

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