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The Phoenix


The Phoenix is a unique and effective approach to recovery from substance use disorder. By pairing the transformative power of physical fitness with the intrinsic healing properties of a peer community, individuals break free of stigma and find hope in recovery. Rock climbing, yoga, hiking, strength training, and other activities provide the framework of our inclusive and accessible recovery community.


The Phoenix’s innovative programs combine the essential elements of peer connection, physical transformation, and mental focus necessary for successful and lasting recovery. We enforce the idea that the devastation of addiction isn’t a life sentence of shame and suffering, but that recovery is a badge of strength and hope to be celebrated and shared.


The Phoenix Colorado Springs requires funds to maintain general operation in addition to in-kind donations of construction work. Our facility needs HVAC work, floor reinforcement, and paint.

Did You Know

El Paso County had 169 fatal drug overdoses in 2017. While El Paso County only has about 12% of the state’s population, it has over 15% of the fatal overdoses.

“Phoenix gave me a place to go with others who had been through addiction. I've made friends at Phoenix that I know I can call if I need something or am just having a rough day. The support has made the road to recovery much easier and less lonely.” — Casey Flemming

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