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The Arc Pikes Peak Region


Due to discrimination, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (/DD) often have little opportunity to participate in society, inhibiting access to basic human rights. The Arc PPR’s Building for Change campus will help those with I/DD to be empowered together through personal development, life skills training, and expanded advocacy efforts, while involving the community in improving the culture.


Societal discrimination toward people with disabilities makes it difficult for them to access basic human rights, making them vulnerable to poverty, abuse, loneliness, homelessness and more. Access to advocacy, supports and skills training is crucial for these people to participate in their communities. The Arc PPR receives no federal funding, while the majority of program funding comes from arc Thrift Stores.


In-kind building donations (appliances, furniture); volunteer program instructors (culinary, nutrition, job skills, budgeting, fitness & others); volunteers (fundraising, administrative, events)

Did You Know

1 in 6 children has a developmental disability, an increase of 5% since 1999. (National Health Interview Study)

“As a college student on the autism spectrum, The Arc PPR provided me opportunities to develop video-producing skills, providing experience as a film director and video editor. These projects supported my college major and provided career experience.” — Andy Kwiatkowski, UCCS Student & Volunteer

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