The Arc Pikes Peak Region


Society often discriminates against people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), inhibiting access to basic human rights. The Arc PPR’s Building for Change Inclusive Campus will help those with disabilities reach their goals and dreams through personal development, life skills training and expanded advocacy efforts, while involving the community in improving the culture for those with I/DD.


Because of societal discrimination, people with disabilities are vulnerable and will likely face poverty, abuse, loneliness, homelessness and more in their lifetimes. Without access to advocacy, support and skills training, many of these individuals fail to integrate into their communities and achieve their goals. The Arc PPR receives no federal funding, and the majority of The Arc PPR’s funding comes from Arc Thrift Stores.


In-kind building donations (appliances, hardware, furniture); volunteers (instructors, administrative, special events); Board members, continued shopping and donations to the Arc Thrift Stores.

Did You Know

Approximately 6.5 million people in the U.S. have an intellectual disability; 1 million adults with disabilities live with caregivers aged 65-plus.

“There’s hope. I was scared for my son’s future. I didn’t think he would have a successful future, or that he’d be able to hold down a job and make friends as an adult. After I learned about Building for Change’s resources, I’m hopeful for him.” — Theresa Baker, parent of a son with autism

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