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Textiles West


Our mission is to sustain the traditions and skills of all forms of textile arts and honor the earth by bringing the conversation about textile sustainability to the community. We believe that a community that embraces creativity and making, and honors self-expression is a much stronger, more connected and tolerant community. Textiles are a unique art form because they are more accessible, less intimidating to learn.


We are passionate about textiles. We know the joy of creating something unique whether it is a garment to wear, a scarf to keep warm, art for the wall or the mindfulness of hand-stitching. The skills and traditions of textiles are being lost because they are no longer taught in schools. The loss of these skills and the growth of cheap, fast fashion have created a brewing storm for our planet and for our economy.


We need a development director, web designer and developer, membership director, a Felt Loom needle felting machine, Industrial sewing machines and a mobile unit for our Alpaca Bus program.

Did You Know

The textile industry is one of the largest sectors causing global pollution. We are surrounded by textiles and we don’t think about who made them or at what cost.

“Textiles West’s gift to the community is to bring together diverse interests in textiles under one unifying agency. Their classes and small groups enrich lives and create lasting friendships. I have personally grown as an artist with Textiles West.” — Dr. Tara Alexander, LCSW

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