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Teller County Regional Animal Shelter


Our small shelter in Divide gives every animal that enters our doors the love, time and medical care they need to be ready for their new home. Each pet is microchipped, fully vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Our guests stay with us until they find the right family, no matter how long it takes and even if it takes a few tries. Our guests are part of our family until they find one of their own.


TCRAS is a small, limited intake facility (formerly called “no-kill”). We take time to get to know our guests and help them find the home that is right for them. We provide the dogs and cats in our care with lots of love and attention, plus whatever they need to be healthy and happy. This includes medical care, personalized training / socialization, special diets and programs like Doggy Day Out and Cat Pawsitive.


Cash donations; wonderful people to adopt our pets; volunteers for the shelter, events and foster families; new signage to help people find our shelter; improvements to the dog kennels.

Did You Know

32% of our adoptions go to homes in El Paso County and people drive from all over Colorado to get the special, personal touch provided by our staff and volunteers.

“TCRAS has a super devoted, experienced staff who make the animals the priority. Thanks for the tireless hours spent rescuing and rehabilitating our community’s pets. ” — Kathryn P.

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