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Springs Recovery Connection


SRC is the region’s “Welcome Center to Recovery.” Using innovative approaches unavailable anywhere else in our area, SRC offers fresh hope to individuals and families struggling with substance use disorders. Recovery Support Services are provided by trained adults sharing their personal life experience of addiction and recovery. At SRC, there are no fees, no forms, no criteria to be met, no insurance required.


While substance abuse treatment is typically an “event,” long-term recovery is where an individual will live, grow and find purpose. Many who have recently completed treatment or discharged from hospitals & ED’s, or the criminal justice system, have difficulty finding support. This is SRC uniqueness… knowing successful recovery is built on an individual’s access to a lifetime continuum of care, inclusive to all.


SRC is building community-wide awareness of long-term recovery strategies, and is seeking qualified board members, general volunteers and donations for a variety of programs and events.

Did You Know

Roughly 1 in 4 US households, many including children, live every day with someone battling addiction. Our focus on family recovery impacts multiple generations.

“SRC has given me a home to learn, develop and flourish with other recovery minded people that show me how to have unconditional hope, belief and trust. A place to make purpose out of errors and to be of service to myself, others, and community.” — Charlene

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