Springs Ensemble Theatre


Springs Ensemble Theatre is known for producing big theater in a small space. Our intimate theater venue attracts an ever-growing audience and guest artists from the Colorado Springs theater community. SET’s all-volunteer membership features professional theater artists and community leaders who pride themselves on producing challenging, thought-provoking, entertaining theater of the highest caliber.


SET is dedicated to creating a unique experience for our audience by pulling them into each show. Our intimate space brings the audience close enough to become a part of the story and enables our performers to tell whole stories with a single wink, smile or tear. This close proximity allows SET to build lasting relationships with our patrons and the broad range of talented artists we partner with each season.


We are in need of volunteer actors, painters, writers, carpenters, musicians, and theatrical designers. We also have needs for sound and lighting equipment, laptops, lumber and other materials.

Did You Know

SET has produced over 40 shows and special events in our nine seasons, creating over a thousand unique audience experiences and working with hundreds of artists.

“I’ve loved everything I’ve seen at SET. Great, quaint theatre and great actors and staff. I can’t wait for the next show!” — Angela Barrows Sorrentino, Springs Ensemble Theatre patron

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