Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary


We provide a safe place for special-needs equines where they are loved, cared for, nurtured, treated with respect and protected for the rest of their lives. We see that horses are afforded the opportunity to thrive free from pain and suffering. We provide the highest level of compassionate care, daily enrichment, and science-based husbandry for our animals — and we support the conservation of their wild counterparts.


We care for horses others don’t want, and we LOVE what we do. We provide for those with physical, visual and cognitive impairments; those with chronic medical conditions; and the elderly. They do NOT deserve to be discarded because disability, functional impairment or age make them no longer useful. We ensure these horses experience love and don’t spend the remainder of their lives in pain, fear or suffering.


Tractor, Bobcat or skid loader; truck for hauling; extra-tall horse trailer; volunteer electrician; corral panels; slow feeder hay bags or nets; grass hay, alfalfa, senior grain, and beet pulp.

Did You Know

Horses can require special care at any age. The youngest horse in our program is 3 years old and was slated to be euthanized; the oldest horse in our program is 36!

“I am so grateful for what you are doing for Brownie. When I saw the picture of his welcoming committee and especially the light in his eyes as he was getting out of the trailer, I am sure this is where he needs to be and he will be happy.” — Jane Wolfe, Brownie’s former owner.

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