Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary


We are dedicated to the care of special-needs horses. We rescue at-risk and elderly animals from slaughter, neglect and premature euthanasia, giving them a safe place to live. They receive the medical, nutritional and psychological care they need to be well and content. We provide community education in science-based animal husbandry, training, safety and emergency preparedness.


We are great at caring for horses others have given up on, and we love doing it! We excel at restoring health and enjoyment to animals deemed too old, too sick, too disabled or too much trouble. With the proper medical care, nutrition and environment these animals enjoy an excellent quality of life. We refuse to let horses who’ve given their all to humans be discarded; we ensure every individual feels safe and loved.


Materials and installation of pipe runs, corrals and paddocks; installation of pasture fencing; tractor/skid loader/Bobcat; extra-tall horse trailer; heavy-duty corral panels; truck for towing.

Did You Know?

Thirteen of the last 17 horses admitted to our program were going to be put down unless we could take them in! We were literally their last hope to recover and live.

“Never met anybody that loved every horse out there as much!!! Thank you for all you do!!! In the name of every horse that you helped!!!”
— Heidi Sisenstein