Save Cheyenne


Save Cheyenne seeks to preserve and protect the character of the Cheyenne Mountain area and safeguard public ownership of parklands and open spaces in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region.


As financial burdens loom for many cities, politicians become tempted to barter our most sacred lands, our public open spaces, which are home to thriving wildlife and provide respite for people of all races and classes. Together, we can stop the sale of our public lands. We can speak for the powerless and voiceless, the human, furry and feathered friends, who have called these historic lands home for generations.


Funds to promote a ballot measure to protect all parklands in Colorado Springs, to fight against commercialization of our parks, and to pay for the court case against the city of Colorado Springs and The Broadmoor land swap.

Did You Know

Colorado Springs ranks in the bottom third of Front Range communities in terms of acres of park land/open space per capita. We must protect what we have.

“Save Cheyenne is the leader in the crucible of citizen concern for public ownership and enjoyment of historic North Cheyenne Cañon Park. It advocates for the public ownership of all public lands and opposes back-room deals to privatize legacy parks.” — Steve Price

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