Safe Place for Pets


We serve terminally ill people in El Paso and Teller counties by finding forever homes for their beloved pets. We honor our clients and their wishes by placing their beloved pets in only the most loving, life-long homes. We also offer a wellness program that provides preventative well-care services to pets with owners facing a terminal illness. Our focus is to provide comfort and assurance to both pet and owner.


Our mission is unique and allows us to establish a community where terminally ill people have the support for their pet’s care and quality of life, even if they are unable to provide it to their pet themselves. We are a 100 percent volunteer-run organization, and we pride ourselves on our passion and commitment to our animals. We use 85 cents of every dollar toward the care and support of the pets during their time with us.


Volunteers for animal care, events and administrative tasks; Board members; and supplies like pet food and treats, non-clumping litter, paper towels and dish soap. Please view our Amazon wishlist.

Did You Know

Up to 500,000 pets are orphaned every year when their owners pass away, become too ill to care for their pets, or when family members cannot take the pet in.

“It is great to know that there are groups like this who can help you care for your loved ones when you are in a time of need. The volunteers are so caring. It truly is a family!” — Corinna Kaberlein

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