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Safe Families for Children - Pikes Peak Region


The three objectives of Safe Families for Children are:
Keep children safe during a family crisis such as homelessness, hospitalization, or domestic violence in an effort to prevent child abuse and/or neglect.
Support, and stabilize families in crisis by surrounding them with caring, compassionate community.
Reunite families and reduce the number of children entering the child welfare system and foster care.


Safe Families provides a way for families in crisis to avoid having their children placed in foster care. We offer temporary, free, state-approved homes where children can stay until their parents are able to safely care for them. Instead of forcibly removing children, we provide a preventative model to address potential child abuse that allows parents to make decisions for their children’s safety, before harm occurs.


We need funds that will be used to provide families with food, housing, clothing, and other basic needs, and compassionate, dedicated, and caring volunteers who can support parents in times of crisis.

Did You Know

Nationally, 93% of children in Safe Families’ host homes reunify with their parents in under 45 days, while 49% of children in foster care reunify after 2 years.

“Safe Families for Children gave me a chance to be a mom to my daughter and not lose custody of her. They connected me to a host family who took care of her for a bit, while giving me information about local resources to help get me back on my feet.” — Anonymous homeless mother who received hosting in 2020

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