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Rocky Mountain Highway/MeadowGrass Music Festival


Through collaborative partnerships Rocky Mountain Highway creates passionate support for and awareness of live music. We engage funders, sponsors and volunteers to support artists and their music. We provide performance opportunities, workshops and industry forums. Programs empower talented artists to advance their professional careers. Our festivals and resources showcase emerging artists and national talent.


We are unique in that we serve as a connection point for musicians, venues, and social impact agencies, building a stronger, more vibrant community. Our events showcase and support local musicians, and nationally touring acts in both large and intimate settings. House concerts highlight local agencies working to improve our community, thereby increasing mission awareness and support opportunities; all through music!


We need (and love) volunteers. Volunteer opportunities include event planning, workshops, committees, social media, and community outreach. We have lots of fun working on music projects together!

Did You Know

Engaging with local music increases standard of living, provides employment, contributes to the local economy, increases cross-cultural awareness and understanding.

“MG is a truly homegrown music festival that's intimate and great for the whole family. From up and coming local stars to national headliners, you get to be right there with all the talent and passion and La Foret is heaven on earth.” — Jessica Patterson Root Center for Yoga &Sacred Studies

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