We’re turning swords into plowshares and fear into love. By taking donated weapons and turning them into garden tools, RAWtools is addressing gun violence like no other organization. We address the triggers in our streets AND the triggers in our hearts. We focus on swords into plowshares, training for war no more, and keeping fear out of our communities. We offer safe gun disposal, nonviolence resources, and more.


Gun violence speaks from a variety of issues. Many organizations focus on policy. RAWtools centers on what it takes to create safe neighborhoods without guns by disarming hearts and forging peace. Every day 105 people die from gun violence in America. Teller & El Paso Counties are national leaders in homes that have firearms. Let’s turn them into garden tools that give life, instead of taking it, and learn new skills for conflict.


Donated guns to be made into garden tools, web developer, metal chop saws to disable guns, anvils to transform donated weapons, volunteers to blacksmith, and volunteers with blacksmith experience.

Did You Know

A gun in the home creates a threefold increase in the odds that someone would be killed at home by a family member or close acquaintance, than a home without a gun.

“I’m a teacher… I’d like to take my gun out of circulation in light of the recent school shooting in Florida.” — Gun donor

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