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Project Angel Heart


Project Angel Heart improves health and well-being for Coloradans with life-threatening illnesses through the power of food as medicine. Our professional chefs prepare tasty, nourishing meals from scratch and tailor them to meet clients’ medical needs. Each week, volunteers deliver them to 250 Colorado Springs neighbors (and another 950 in other areas) coping with illnesses like cancer, kidney disease, and HIV/AIDS.


Food gives strength. It brings joy. And it serves as medicine for people who are ill. Our meals are designed to support the medical treatment plans of critically ill neighbors—and research shows they do just that. Many Project Angel Heart meal recipients save money on health care and are more likely to stay out of the hospital. That’s why this big idea—that nutritious food is essential to health care—is catching on.


Volunteers! Join us in delivering meals to neighbors in need on Saturday mornings or add a special, feel-good touch by decorating our meal delivery bags.

Did You Know

Project Angel Heart clients living with diabetes, heart failure, and COPD spend an average of 24% less on health care—a savings of $416-$736 per month!

“Project Angel Heart meals really help me a lot, especially on the days of my dialysis, when I am weak and not feeling well enough to cook. They allow me to get my rest and feel better because I am able to heat them up [and get] the nutrition I need.” — Sarah (living with end-stage renal disease)

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