Project Angel Heart


Project Angel Heart uses the power of food as medicine to improve health and well-being for people who are ill. We prepare fresh meals, tailor them to meet our clients’ medical needs, and deliver them, at no cost, to neighbors coping with cancer, kidney disease, HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses.


When people who are sick have access to fresh, healthy meals that meet their medical needs, they’re more likely to have the strength and energy to get through treatment, heal and feel better. Plus, the right food can help them stay out of the hospital and save money on health care. That’s why Project Angel Heart provides more than just food. Our meals are freshly prepared and medically tailored with health in mind.


Volunteers! Join us in delivering meals in the community on Saturday mornings or add a special, feel-good touch by decorating our meal delivery bags.

Did You Know

More than 90 percent of Project Angel Heart meal recipients report improved energy, ability to adhere to their health care regimen and to live independently.

“Because I am a dialysis patient, my blood work is checked on a regular basis. My health continues to amaze my doctors and I believe the nutritious meals from Project Angel Heart deserve most of the credit for that.” — Jamie, living with cancer and end-stage renal disease

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