Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention


We teach people of all ages and backgrounds how to prevent suicides. We provide support for family members after someone they love has attempted suicide. We offer a safe place for people, many of whom have experienced years of anguish over life and death, and help them find the ways to keep going. We also help youths grieve and carry on after losing a family member to suicide.


A group leader explains: “I truly in my heart and soul care about every person I have known through suicide prevention. I care about their story, their why, the reason their path has intersected with mine. Everyone needs a hand up sometimes. Everyone needs someone to just hear them. I can listen. If I can just get one of these kids I meet to think more about the footprint their lives make on others, then I’ve succeeded.”


Art supplies, journals and event tickets for youths in grief groups; teens and young adults willing to participate in Think Tanks; and coffee.

Did you know?

All aspects of suicide cause great pain. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15- to 44-year-olds in El Paso County.

“Having gone through the horrors of a child’s suicide attempt, I volunteer in hopes that I can help other families not feel alone and realize there is hope.”
— Volunteer group leader