Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention


We teach people of all ages and backgrounds how to prevent suicides and offer support for families after someone they love has attempted or completed suicide. We help youth grieve and carry on after losing a family member to suicide. And we offer a safe place where people, many of whom have experienced years of anguish over life and death, can find ways to keep going. Input from the populations directly affected helps define the range of support groups we offer.


We keep people alive and teach others how to do the same. We offer groups that provide long-term support for those who have struggled with suicidal thoughts and actions, who may have been through years of therapy and been hospitalized. Anonymous support groups permit honesty about their thoughts and actions with suicide without fear or embarrassment. We use the same approach with all our support groups.


A CPA for lower-cost audits, a treasurer for our board, teens who want to be part of our teen committees, art supplies, and snack food for group members.

Did You Know

El Paso County residents from 19 to 24 years old are dying from suicide at MORE THAN THREE TIMES the rate of teenagers.

“I lost my best friend; my dad was my best friend. I couldn’t do it alone and I was really grateful that this place was here so I wasn’t so alone.”
— Teen in the Children Left Behind by Suicide program

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