Pikes Peak Philharmonic


We are a community orchestra made up of people like you, whose love of music brings us together to create a collage greater than the sum of its parts. We offer our members a fulfilling and inexpensive way to continue performing and learning. To our community, we offer a low-cost entry into symphonic music and an adventurous listening experience.


The Pikes Peak Philharmonic believes that music is a journey, not a destination. We feel music should be a lifelong, enriching activity where any player can participate, at any time, no matter what their age, and that the ability to participate in a high-quality ensemble should not just be reserved for career musicians. We are a local orchestra that strives to instill a sense of pride and unity in our community.


Funding to allow us to maintain affordable costs for members and audiences; compensate our director, concertmaster and guest artists; purchase music and equipment; rent venues; and provide dues subsidies and monetary awards.

Did You Know?

In 2016, the Pikes Peak Philharmonic received an award from the Arts Business Education Consortium for its ongoing support of the arts since 1965.

“The PPP is my happy place. I love playing great music at a high level even though I’m avocational, and our enthusiastic audiences really make our concerts special.”
— Amy Plapp, 2nd Clarinet