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Pikes Peak Library District Foundation


Libraries, at their core, are about connecting people with resources they need. PPLD provides community members opportunities to gain new skills and access a wealth of information and resources, while reducing barriers to access. Whether through books and databases or workforce development programs, these resources and opportunities change individual lives and build community.


PPLD is committed to meeting the community where it is and filling the gap by providing resources the community needs when needed most. Whether conducting workforce development classes, providing free access to the community’s cultural gems or State Parks, earning a high school diploma, learning new languages, booking a meeting room, resume help, or finding the perfect book or DVD, we help people achieve their goals.


PPLD needs volunteers for language and literacy instructors, school tutors, program assistants, or commercial kitchen equipment to support our food service workforce development program.

Did You Know

More than 52,000 meetings each year are held at 15 PPLD facilities throughout El Paso County, and more than 3.2 million people walk through our doors annually.

“PPLD offers an evolving environment celebrating diversity and learning through programs designed for all ages and abilities. They provide resources that may otherwise be inaccessible, and they inspire people, like me, to pursue their lifelong dreams.” — Andi Sperry, PPLD Patron

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