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Pikes Peak Justice & Peace Commission


Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission is continuing social justice action and increasing capacity in the Pikes Peak Region to be a more just place. We have Peace Camp each year, so that students learn about Peace with Self! Peace with Planet! Peace with Community! We have also created L.E.A.D. Excellence Academy to assist youth with intersections of the juvenile justice system and expulsion to ensure success!


We are great because literally no one in town is doing what we do! If you want to take a tour to understand the complexities about homelessness and find ways to help your community – that is us. If you want to find an education program that finds all the ways possible to screen kids into education – that is us! If you have questions, thoughts, and ideas on how to make the word a better place – we are the place!


We need committee and board members with expertise in education, finances, and fundraising, grant writing assistance, chromebooks for our education programs, food donations.

Did You Know

85% of the students we are serving in our L.E.A.D. Excellence Academy School Program do not have any other education alternatives!

“Our family vision is for my child to graduate from L.E.A.D. Excellence Academy. I am glad they promised to stick with us throughout our journey and they keep finding ways to say yes to get our needs met instead of putting another obstacle in our way.” — Parent of a L.E.A.D. Excellence Academy Student

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