Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission


We are a voice for social justice and nonviolence through direct services, activities and advocacy. Our goal for 2018 and moving forward in celebration and continuation of our 40 years of existence is to reinvigorate activism in Colorado Springs. We want to connect, convene, and make change that is abundantly apparent to our residents, visitors and newcomers and make the Springs the No. 1 place to live!


We are one of the few organizations who do what we do! We hold core beliefs that almost everyone can get down with. We believe in Peace. Who in this day and age can’t use more peace in their life? We believe in sustainability through support of local business! Who can argue with that? We believe in conservation! Don’t we live here for our scenic mountains, beautiful skies and fresh air?


New computer, new laptop, sound and A/V equipment for events, and tech/website support.

Did You Know

We are currently trying to reinvigorate activism in Colorado Springs, but we did receive an award from the Colorado Springs Indy in 2007 for activism.

“Peace Camp has been an enriching experience for our family. Since then, we have participated in several rallies and marches on our own, including the Women’s March on Denver. I have no doubt that the types of activities that they engage in at camp will impact their choices as they go forward in life.”
— Melissa Allen

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