Peak Education


Peak Education is a unique community asset, providing life experiences, educational enrichment, scholarships and community connectivity for a growing number of scholars living on the margins of our community in Southeast Colorado Springs. We serve scholars from middle school through their college years. Scholars are empowered to embrace their dreams and connect them with opportunities leading to upward mobility.


We serve 254 scholars today, guided by a deep relationship with each as well as their family advocates —100 percent of our scholars graduate from high school on time and 100 percent pursue post-secondary studies. Crossing the stage to accept their high school diploma, they will know where their educational journey will take them next, why they are going there, what it will take for them to be successful and how they will pay for it.


Professional mentors to assist ninth- and tenth-grade scholars in exploring passions, and related college and career pathways. We also need support for transforming social media, engaging our scholars in this work.

Did You Know

Our 42 college scholars, 90 percent of them students of color, earned more than $450,000 in scholarships and other non-loan financial aid during the past school year alone.

“Peak Education has instilled in me a confident and service-oriented approach to life. I approach life with the philosophy that you can achieve any goal you work hard for, while never forgetting where you came from or who has supported you.” — Jesse Perez, MA, UCCS, senior academic advisor

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