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Pawsitive Kidnections


Creating connections between underprivileged children and underserved animals, we are the driver for placing deserving shelter animals with amazing foster kids. Our program allows for the presence of the human-animal bond in the lives of those who wouldn’t otherwise experience the love and joy that comes with our gift. We live by the phrase: “Save a Dog, Save a Child”.


Our approach to connecting foster kids and shelter animals allows for love and joy to be created in kids’ homes. Relationships open up a new world of possibilities for enriching the future of our young recipients. We strive to create these kidnections with the support of our wonderful local partners. Creating love and joy between underprivileged children and underserved animals; this is what we are all about.


Communication/marketing, BombBomb subscription, adoption fees, dog food, dog beds and accessories, shirts and hats to sell, continuing education, transportation fees, and sponsorship/event fees

Did You Know

In 2016, Colorado had nearly 10,000 children spend time in foster care (Denver Post)
In 2018, Colorado had intake numbers of over 69,000 dogs (Shelter Animal Count)

“What Pawsitive Kidnections is out to create in the community is innovative, unique, creative, and full of love.” — Anonymous nonprofit sector employee

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