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Palmer Land Conservancy


New name. Same mission. Palmer Land Conservancy, formerly Palmer Land Trust.
Palmer Land Conservancy ensures that our region is always home to outstanding recreation, nourishing local food, and healthy communities in which we can thrive.


Our land is essential. During this time, the land has remained a constant source of inspiration and refuge. If nature and the outdoors are providing you joy or comfort, and connecting you to what matters most—health, family, community, friends, a good meal—then you are a land lover.


Loving a place is just the beginning; you must have the courage to protect it. Will you join us and help conserve the land? #bealandlover

Did You Know

Did you know that Palmer has protected 20 of your favorite public parks and open spaces for you to enjoy, forever? Join us today to receive a Palmer field guide.

“To be able to know there are spaces that are respected and protected grounds me and gives me nourishment to live a respectful life of mutual reciprocity.” — Survey respondent sharing why s/he supports Palmer

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