Ormao Dance Company


Now in our 26th season, we are the resident professional dance company for Colorado Springs, sharing performances throughout the region and oftentimes showing up in unusual places. We develop all ages and abilities with our inclusive dance classes. And we educate in the public schools, offering students opportunities to explore combining dance and core subjects such as math through our Dance in Education programs.


Whereas many forms of dance are exclusive, contemporary/modern dance is by definition inclusive. Performances are collaborative and always original. Our classes and studios are non-competitive and open to all people regardless of their ability and age. Students develop unsurpassed skills in discipline, creativity, collaboration and leadership.


New black theater curtain for our large studio (50 feet wide/12 feet tall); new LED theater lighting system for our studio showings; and 75 new stack chairs for our studio showings.

Did you know?

“Dance is simply the refinement of human movement — walking, running and jumping. We are all experts. There should be no art form more accessible than dance, yet no art is more mystifying in the public imagination.” — Twyla Tharp

“My 13-year-old cannot stop talking about her feelings after class. She feels free, especially from being judged, and now she is in love with contemporary modern dance!”
— Marisa Farró, Ormao Dance Studio parent