Ormao Dance Company


We have been the resident professional dance company in Colorado Springs since 1990, providing performances, classes and outreach. We love to perform, and find our greatest joy in developing your dance groove. We encourage all ages and abilities with inclusive classes, and recently added Dance for Parkinson’s. Our programs for local schools creatively combine dance with core subjects. Come dance with us!


We believe in the artistic, developmental and holistic healing properties of modern dance.Young students blossom into leaders who value collaboration and creativity. Adult students thrive with improved morale, healthy bodies and healing. Professional performances are wildly original — in venues from theaters to construction zones, art museums to abandoned warehouses. Ormao collaborations expand the language of dance!


YOU, to come enjoy a dance class or performance! New black theater curtain 50 feet wide/12 feet tall, new LED theater lighting system for our studio showings, 75 new stackable chairs for studio performances.

Did You Know

Studies are now showing that dance may just be the No. 1 activity for protecting and strengthening your brain. (Source: theheartysoul.com)

“”I witnessed young dancers immersed in the emotion and spirit of dance that was authentic and made me realize how beautiful and important the artistic art form of dance is…”
— Natalie Pond, retired professional dancer

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