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One Nation Walking Together


ONWT is a resource & referral agency providing a manifold of Native-specific, culturally appropriate programs, services, & crisis interventions for American Indian & Alaska Natives, who disproportionately experience greater levels of poverty, health issues, hunger, homelessness & unemployment than any other US demographic. We help transition individuals & families out of crisis & into healthy, sustainable situations.


One by one we can make a difference in our community. Building on years of experience working with various Nations and Tribes ONWT provides highly responsive, reliable & culturally appropriate help for indigenous people in our area. Ninety cents of every dollar donated aids Native Americans-the most underserved group in our country. In addition, educational programming provides native to nonnative cultural exchange.


2 laptops, an office phone system, a cargo van to help with service delivery. A board treasurer. Event and sponsorship volunteers. Hygiene items, bus passes, and gas cards.

Did You Know

60 percent of American Indians and Alaska Natives live in large urban areas.

“I have known ONWT to do good for many people under a variety of circumstances. After a medical crisis, they furnished me with bandages, food, a bed & clean linen. They also brought me firewood so I could stay warm in my home. I am forever grateful.” — Sebrena Forrest, Mohawk

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