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New Horizons Band of Colorado Springs


We keep adults youthful and healthy through playing our musical instruments and socialization. Our lives are enriched by the mental and physical challenges of playing music, our interaction with each other, and in offering concerts to our community. Our bands and orchestras rehearse and perform 32 weeks a year! One of our members says “NHBCOS challenges me to accomplish something and puts structure in my life.”


New Horizons Band is designed to serve an adult population hungry for music education and performance opportunities. Participation in music fills the adult need for challenging, intellectual activity. Many of our musicians, average age 70, have not played their instrument in over 50 years before restarting with NHBCOS. Many of our 170 members say “next to my family, NHBCOS is the most important thing in my life.”


Music purchases to keep our repertoire fresh and operating funds for rent, insurance, equipment repair, COVID reopening equipment, etc.

Did You Know

Playing a musical instrument relieves stress, improves the respiratory system, provides exercise, improves cognitive performance and improves the immune system!

“My work is repetitive. I felt my brain getting soggy. Thinking on my feet was difficult. My memory was slipping. Ever since I start playing again, my mind is sharp again! Playing music makes my brain work better. I’m so grateful for NHBCOS!” — Audrey Shrive, Alto Saxophone player, Symphonic Band

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