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NAMI Colorado Springs


NAMI is the first point of contact for thousands of local people who need mental health services and support. Peer-led and no-cost, our programs and support groups serve those living with mental illness, as well as their family members. We also advocate for those we serve while educating and fighting stigma in the broader community.


One in five of us will experience a mental health disorder in a typical year. And 2020 has been anything but typical. COVID-19 has profoundly challenged people who have conditions such as schizophrenia and major depression, and created issues even for those without a history of illness. NAMI has responded with virtual support and new programs for vulnerable populations, always at no cost to the community.


NAMI needs volunteer support group facilitators and board member canddiates who are passionate about mental health and represent diverse perspectives.

Did You Know

More than 100 amazing volunteers make it possible for NAMI to offer a dozen programs to the community.

“It can be really scary to take that first step, to say I need some help. I need a friend. I need a group. I need a person. I need a book. Whatever it is. But it doesn’t feel scary once you get to NAMI.” — Support group participant-turned-facilitator

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