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National Alliance on Mental Illness - Colorado Springs


NAMI educates, supports and advocates for local people and families affected by mental illness. We provide free classes, support groups and education programs for those living with mental health conditions, and for their loved ones, educators, care providers, law enforcement officers and others. By focusing on early education, identification and prevention, NAMI works to improve lifelong outcomes.


NAMI is the first point of contact for thousands of local people who are needing mental health services and support. As El Paso County epidemiologist Helen Harris puts it: “NAMI would be where I would direct someone who needed access navigating mental health services. I know of no other organization who provides that.” Our educational programs, support groups and resource/referral services are offered at no cost.


NAMI is seeking volunteers who can draw upon “lived” experience with mental illness to lead educational programs, facilitate support groups, and make presentations.

Did You Know

Since 2012, NAMI Colorado Springs’ budget has grown fivefold and its programs have increased in number from three to 13.

“When we were discussing the biology behind depression, it hit me that my son was truly experiencing something real — that it wasn’t just make-believe or laziness. It confirmed what my heart believed but my head was fighting.” — 2018 Family-to-Family student

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