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Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center


Mt. Carmel provides comprehensive support to veterans, military and their families. We collaborate to bridge gaps in community services without repeating existing programs. Our approach includes: Employment and Transition Programs, Behavioral Health Counseling and Wellness, Supportive Case Management and Resource Navigation. We provide advocacy, mentorship and support to ensure positive outcomes.


We are an innovative, welcoming, safe space for veterans, military and their families. Employment and transition programs ensure progress toward stable living and workforce reintegration to in-demand careers. Professional counseling provides unique programs including trauma-focused yoga, tai-chi and therapeutic retreats. Urgent assistance programs provide a hand-up with critical housing, transportation and food.


Mt. Carmel is seeking to expand our programs and services, hire Peer Navigator veteran affiliated employees, acquire additional emergency housing and expand our community outreach.

Did You Know

The Pikes Peak Region is home to 115,000 Veterans, with 33,000 active-duty military. Approximately 500 troops transition into the civilian population each month.

“Mt. Carmel's team are the only people who knew how to help me remember who I was, even when I didn't want to be anyone. Today my financial counselor at Mt. Carmel asked: "How's your life different than a year ago?" Night and day doesn't even begin.” — Alex McMath

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