Rocky Mountain Highway Music Collaborative – MeadowGrass Music Festival


Rocky Mountain Highway Music Collaborative brings the best in live music to the Pikes Peak region. We foster a flourishing local music scene through collaborations. Talented national, regional and local artists perform at venues like MeadowGrass Music Festival, Friends House Concerts and other locales. We believe music to be one of the greatest cultural foundations a community can build upon and celebrate.


Rocky Mountain Highway Music Collaborative feeds the community soul by bestowing a variety of music experiences on the Pikes Peak region. This fosters a sense of pride in our community as a music destination and provides an unforgettable celebration of music to share with family and friends. Our strong partnerships among groups like Stargazers, Patty Jewett and Black Rose Acoustic Society ensure wide engagement.


Our community contributes to our growth and success. RMHMC needs volunteers to support our events. Financing helps provide a living wage to musicians and a base to expand the local music scene.

Did You Know

We have presented and collaborated on over 225 performances by 170 artists for more than 13,000 people, including 60 acts featuring 180 local musicians.

“We know that music attracts young people and a talented work force demands a good music scene. Rocky Mountain Highway Music Collaborative is creating that scene.” — David Siegle, band member of Grass It Up

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