Mayfield Counseling Centers


Mayfield Counseling Centers see the inherent need for accessible, quality mental health care for anyone struggling with life issues. It is our desire to partner authentically with our clients to restore relationships, change lives and discover hope for individuals, couples and families. It is our hope to encourage and empower all who enter our doors to enjoy life and grow toward their full potential.


We live in a community in crisis — 60 percent of middle school and high school students report that they think about suicide with 40 percent attempting. From late 2015 to 2017, there have been over 30 teen suicides in El Paso County. For every completed suicide there are statistically 150 to 200 attempts. Over 20 percent of youth ages 11 to 18 live with some form of mental and/or emotional illness. MCC desires to change these statistics.


Counseling scholarship funds, staffing support to help assign a counselor to school districts as adjunct support, and funds to continue to develop our adjunct suicide curriculum “Who Can Relate.”

Did You Know

One in five children ages 13 to 18 has, or will have, a serious mental illness?

“My counselor is an incredibly methodical and thoughtful counselor. I have felt an encouraging push towards personal healthiness since I started seeing her. I feel incredibly safe in this space and find a lot of hope through my time here″ — Anonymous adult client in 2017

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