Manitou Art Center


The Manitou Art Center endeavors to provide access and resources to artists, makers and creatives of all backgrounds, ages and beliefs. We feature meeting rooms, co-working spaces and professional artist studios. We hold over 65 events each month, maintain multiple art galleries and provide access to specialized equipment.


We are here for you! The MAC’s mission is to share all of its resources with the community. Join us in supporting another 30 years of slightly dangerous creativity and community-building in the Pikes Peak region.


We are always on the lookout for large/heavy or expensive or ventilated equipment for our studios, makerspace, wood shop or metal shop. We also need teachers and instructors — do you have a skill to share?

Did You Know

The nonprofit arts and culture sector is a significant industry in the Pikes Peak region — one that generates $153.3 million in annual economic activity.

“The MAC is the most liberating and community-oriented organization that I have ever experienced. Thank you for creating an accessible way to bring all of my artistic aspirations to life!” — Taylor Mathis

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