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Manitou Art Center


Celebrating thirty-one years in the Pikes Peak region, the Manitou Art Center has a lot to share with the community. We support hundreds of people and organizations monthly. Over one hundred artists have 24/7 access to our printmaking, screenprinting, papermaking, clay, fiber, design (3D printers and laser cutters), wood, metal, glass and darkroom equipment. Join us in our skill, space & tool-sharing fun!


The Art Center provides you with everything that you need to share your idea, launch a project, share a skill, showcase your work, throw an event, teach, create and build the community that you want in the Pikes Peak region. We are unique in that it takes YOU to make the MAC amazing. Everything that you need to be successful is available and you just need to make it happen.


Parking lot repairs, a couple of new roofs, new skylights, automatic, ADA compliant doors, ventilation for three of our studios, a hood/ventilation/install in our kitchen, flooring

Did You Know

Did you know that in addition to our studios and galleries, the MAC is also responsible for 7 furnaces and 14 toilets, and is open 360 days of the year?

““The MAC is the most liberating and community-oriented organization that I have ever experienced. Thank you for creating an accessible way to bring all of my artistic aspirations to life!” — Taylor Mathis” — Taylor Mathis, Wunderkind Artist

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