look what the cat brought in


We help special cats at the first shelter in Colorado Springs for cats exclusively. We accept medically needy cats for rehab, treatment and adoption. Cats that need more time to become adoptable and may be at risk of euthanasia come from Colorado homes, rescue groups and other shelters.


We treat our cats as if they were rescued by someone who has a middle-class lifestyle and loves cats. All are tested for FIV/FeLV, vaccinated and treated for parasites. No cat leaves the shelter for adoption prior to being spayed or neutered. We obtain medical treatment for cats with dental pain, injuries, eye damage and other correctable issues. Once healed they are adopted. We adopt our bonded pairs together.


We need a redesign of our web page, help in capturing our statistics, and a facilitated goal-setting meeting.

Did You Know

In 2018 42 % of our adoptions were of bonded pairs of cats.

“I can’t say enough about Lookwhatthecatbroughtin and Jennifer. I called at least six shelters and a dozen vets. Not one helped. Jennifer personally went to the ranch to capture and save the kitties.” — Mike Mistretta, who had left behind feral cats

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