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Look What the Cat Brought In


We help special cats at the first shelter in Colorado Springs for cats exclusively. We accept medically needy cats for rehab, treatment and adoption. Cats that need more time to become adoptable and that may be at-risk of euthanasia come from Colorado homes, rescue groups and other shelters.


We address cats’ medical & emotional needs before adoption. In the first 3 months of 2019, 55% of our adoptions were of bonded pairs or trios. We provide the best medical care available for our cats, including dentals, surgeries beyond spay & neuter, aggressive treatment of eye problems, as well as ortho & neuro consults. We were founded on the principle of excellent medical care & we continue to lead by example.


We are looking for volunteer or paid veterinary professionals to help work one day every week or two weeks at our new spay neuter van.

Did You Know

Our yearly veterinary medical costs average $40,000 – but relieving pain and providing quality of life for our cats is priceless.

“We're so glad to adopt our sweet cat from this great organization. Thanks for making sure our boy was healthy to come home! We are so in love with our new family cat!” — Amy Martinez Iannolillo

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