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Kids on Bikes


We work alongside community partners to make bicycling accessible to kids and families, regardless of income, all year long. We operate the Pedal Station whereby bicycles, equipment, and energy all come together in order to create innovative and fun programs for kids. We passionately address the barriers to bicycling so that everyone, especially kids, feel empowered to take ownership of their own health.


Do you remember the freedom and joy you experienced riding a bike when you were a kid? We believe it’s a right of passage for all kids, regardless of family income. Only 30% of kids in disadvantaged communities have access to a rideable bike and their daily physical activity is proportionally lower. We give kids of all ages a way to earn their own bike. Kids learn about goals, bike safety, riding skills and healthy living.


Volunteer ride leaders, bike safety educators, mechanics, and general volunteer help for events; any bike-related donations (bikes, clothes, tools, etc), gift cards to Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware

Did You Know

On average, children aged 10 to 16 now spend only 12.6 minutes a day on vigorous outdoor activity compared with 10.4 waking hours being relatively motionless.

“I get to keep this bike?!” — Hillside Community Center Program child who earned their bike!

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