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Ithaka Land, Inc


At Ithaka, we believe everyone deserves a home. We walk alongside our residents as they work toward personal recovery and independence goals in our two transitional programs for the homeless and low-income families. Through individualized case management, we work to create and maintain responsive relationships between staff and residents to support our residents on their journey from homeless to homebound.


We seek those who have fallen through the cracks of society and other housing services. We focus on residents’ achievement in a realistic setting. Ithaka believes that rules and expectations must be balanced with opportunities for residents to explore, become inter-dependent, make mistakes in a safe environment, and achieve success in a responsive, relational manner that is conducive to healing.


Board members; Volunteers for transportation, employment and housing research, Spanish translating, & marketing; Household item donations like bedding, food, cleaning supplies, and toiletries.

Did You Know

89% of our residents come from backgrounds with two or more barriers such as mental health challenges, substance abuse, criminal backgrounds, and domestic violence.

“Here, I have been given the time to heal my wounds... I have been encouraged to pursue my dreams... I was never lost; destitute, yes; depressed, yes; homeless, yes; but I can see clearly now, the road to possibility, to opportunity, to a real home.” — Kimberly from our Low-Barrier Transitional Program.

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