High Plains Helping Hands


High Plains Helping Hands is a Colorado-based nonprofit that innovatively fights hunger, poverty and joblessness through sustainable agriculture, case management and food distribution. Our goal is to help people achieve long-term success through the programs we offer. We grow fresh produce to feed the hungry, employ disadvantaged people at our farm, and offer long-term solutions to hunger and poverty.


When a mother we serve goes into a store and sees a bell pepper that costs the same as a 12-pack of ramen, there is no choice for what she will get to ensure her children are full for the night. Our organization innovatively grows fresh, organic produce to feed the hungry in our community and we hire the people we serve to work at the farm. We fill the gap of food inequality and help them find long-term success.


Board members with backgrounds in business, agriculture and food; donations of seeds and food; volunteers for all organization activities; mentors for people we serve; and gardeners.

Did You Know

Children from low-income communities are 1.7 times more likely to struggle with obesity and other food-related illnesses than their middle-class peers.

“I took my kids and ran away from my abusive husband in the middle of the night. I found High Plains Helping Hands and asked for help. They let us stay in a safe area, gave me job, and fed my kids. We have a new life because of them and their help.” — Anonymous mother from our program in 2017

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