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Hear, Here! Poetry


Hear Here Poetry encourages intergenerational and diverse audiences to actively listen, write, and share by providing high-quality access points to writing and performance poetry education. With our workshops, events, and competitions, we annually coach the city’s top youth voices to an international stage. More than time with microphone or pen, we exist to foster brave, inclusive, and life-sharing community networks.


Poets, not merely poetry, belong in schools. Young people bravely telling their own stories, in their own vernacular, and on their own terms, changes and improves the quality of their lives and relationships; listening to and encouraging them often changes ours. Hear Here is dedicated to activating and amplifying young voices from our region, knowing the effects resonate personally, through our community, and into our culture.


Funding will provide A/V recording equipment, staff support, assist the growth of our educational and school programming, and enable eight young people to share their voices on an international stage.

Did You Know

Youth who participate in arts education stay in their communities as adults, contributing to economic and civic growth.

“Poetry to me is a way of life; it is a light on some of my darkest days and helps guide me back to myself. It is a form of healing, and self care. Poetry gives me the strength and bravery to share my stories of trials, tribulations and triumphs.” — Suzy Baca, Nationally Ranked Hear Here Youth Poet

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