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Hear Here Poetry


Since 2011, Hear Here Poetry has encouraged young and diverse audiences to actively listen, write, and share. We provide high-quality access points to writing and performance poetry education and host open-mic and spoken word events. Through skill building, writing prompts, online, and classroom events we cultivate safe spaces for brave words and inspire life-long learning.


Poets, not merely poetry, belong in schools. We exist to empower, activate and amplify youth voices knowing poetry enriches lives. We encourage our students to be thoughtful, creative communicators who engage the world by bravely expressing themselves. Young people are leaders writing with urgency and their voices are necessary in critical times. We offer spaces where whatever young people are saying, we want to hear it!


A microphone and small speaker or sound system, social-media and outreach volunteers, grant writers, 2 dedicated iPads, a small video projector, an iPhone with video storage, and marketing and sponsorships.

Did You Know

According to the National Endowment for the Arts, 46% of high school teenagers write poetry on a daily basis and 60% of teens say they find writing poetry “freeing”.

“Poetry to me is a way of life; it is a light on some of my darkest days and helps guide me back to myself. It is a form of healing, and self care. Poetry gives me the strength and bravery to share my stories of trials, tribulations and triumphs.” — Suzy Baca, Nationally Ranked Hear Here Youth Poet

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