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Harley's Hope


Now, more than ever, the bond between pet and person is crucial. Seniors unable to visit family and essential workers in need of relief find comfort in their four-legged companions. For 10 years, Harley’s Hope has preserved and protected this bond. With your help, we will continue to keep pets and people together during this pandemi and beyond.


Imagine being told that your companion requires life-saving care you simply cannot afford. Imagine the heartache of giving that beloved pet up to a shelter, knowing you’ll never see them again. Or, having to choose euthanasia to address a treatable, but costly condition. Pets’ lives matter to those who love them and our mission should matter to everyone who loves a pet.


An experienced nonprofit treasurer for our Board of Directors, an outgoing person(s) to serve as community outreach liaison, an experienced fundraiser to help oversee development efforts.

Did You Know

Approximately 9 out of 10 older pet parents say that having a pet helps them feel loved and lets them enjoy life more than those without pets.

“Thank you again for helping give Mowgli the chance to add years to his adventures! We are and forever will be, eternally grateful for the help Harley’s Hope provides!” — Sue L. who received help for her dog's ortho surgery.

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