Harley’s Hope Foundation


Harley’s Hope Foundation believes in the value of the human-animal bond and helps keep pets and service animals in their homes with people who love them, but who are struggling with life’s challenges. We do this through a variety of services, including help with major veterinary care, emergency foster care for animals whose people are temporarily incapacitated, and other critical services as requested.


Harley’s Hope is the only Colorado charity focused entirely on preventing pets from becoming homeless in the first place. We keep animals and their people together through many services available to clients who can prove financial need and a history of caring for their animals. Of the 6.5 million pets given up each year, over a million lose their homes due solely to their families’ financial issues.


A volunteer photographer, volunteers experienced with fundraising and grant-writing, and short-term emergency foster homes for client animals (we provide food, veterinary care and other supplies).

Did You Know

Colorado is routinely ranked among the most pet-friendly states in the nation, but did you know it ranks third in having the healthiest pets in the nation?

“I want to thank you with all my heart and soul. It truly meant so much to me when Harley’s Hope said it would help with the cost of Chico’s surgery. I cried happy tears of relief and can never thank you enough, but thank you!”
— Cynovia W., whose dog Chico suffered a broken leg

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