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Happy Cats Haven


There are thousands of homeless cats and kittens in the Pikes Peak region. Each year, they are surrendered by those guardians no longer able to care for them, or abandoned outside, ill-equipped to handle life on the streets as a community cat. It’s our goal to be a solution for feline homelessness, whether it’s rescuing and finding forever homes or facilitating spays/neuters for both inside and outside ones.


We support cats and the community that loves them. We give traumatized cats all the time they need to recover their true selves, so that we can make the best possible match in their forever homes. Once adopted, we support cats and their guardians by offering classes, online resources and our Ask Ms Kitty Helpline. Our spay/neuter efforts mean that thousands of cats and kittens are spared unnecessary suffering.


We need volunteer Adoption Counselors, Cleaners, as well as basic office & cleaning supplies, (especially disinfecting wipes) and King Sooper, Amazon and Costco gift cards for food & litter.

Did You Know

We believe there’s a purrfect adopter for everyone! Over 55% of our adoptions are harder-to-adopt adult and senior cats, often pairs who have been bonded for years.

“Both kitties and humans win huge with the services you provide, from the adoption process to the training and other resources. We did Kitten Kindergarten, and it was great!! Looking forward to clicker training and other learning opportunities.” — Melinda & David Lien

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