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Happy Cats Haven


Thousands of cats & kittens go homeless in the Pikes Peak Region every year, from those surrendered by heartbroken guardians to those abandoned outside, desperate to survive. We help solve all aspects of feline homelessness, by rescuing & finding homes for companion cats as well as preventing reproduction in both inside and outside cats. We work hard to help all cats & everyone in our community who cares for them.


We are more than just a shelter! We support the full lifecycle of all cats, as many of their 9 lives as they need. Our free Ask Ms Kitty Helpline, classes and online resources help all cat lovers keep their cats out of shelters, both before and after adoption. Our certified Fear Free handling and positive reinforcement help traumatized cats/kittens recover their true selves, so every cat we save will happily stay.


We need the following volunteers: adoption counselors, cleaners, board members (specifically, a treasurer & event coordinator), basic office & cleaning supplies, and Swheat Scoop cat litter.

Did You Know

Cats can be slow to make new friends. Over ½ of our adoptions are Friends/Family. Going with a best friend/sibling is the best chance of settling in with a family.

“This place is great! You can tell they truly love the cats! They know them very well to make sure each one is matched with the right family. Lilac is a perfect addition to our family and is so loved and loving. I appreciate all that you did for us!” — Javaneh Jones

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