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Greccio Housing


Greccio is committed to leading the charge in meeting the needs of our community through the revitalization and development of affordable multifamily properties. Greccio was founded on the belief that each person has value and is deserving of a safe, stable and affordable place to live. It is with our mission in mind that Greccio is moving forward with expanding our portfolio and improving the lives of our residents.


Greccio recognizes that it isn’t enough to move people out of homelessness; we must keep people from falling into homelessness. This threat occurs when a household has insufficient resources to cover housing costs. Greccio has identified one-on-one Resource Navigation as having the highest impact on resident success, especially for some of our most high-risk residents.


Donations of new towels, linens, blankets, household goods, smaller appliances (i.e., toasters, pots, pans, dishes, picture frames.) Event volunteers are always needed and appreciated!

Did You Know

Every chronically homeless individual costs the Colorado Springs community $57,760 each year. Permanent housing can reduce that expense by approximately $30,000!

“Not only has Greccio prevented me and my children from being evicted from our home, they helped with food boxes and budget counseling to allow me to become financially stable and remain stable in the future.” — Rebecca Gonzales

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