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Funky Little Theater Company


Funky is a group of artists that are striving to bridge the gap between professional and community theater. We encourage all experience levels in an inclusive and safe environment. Theater for everyone!


Creating theater for everyone means including everyone. Our programming includes a wide array of topics, casting opportunities, and partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and nonprofits in the community. Funky isn’t afraid to make people laugh and yet, can create a platform for meaningful social commentary.


Tools for a newly acquired shop to build sets, new seating, a new lighting grid, hardware and labor for new drape rigging and tracks, and a board member with nonprofit experience.

Did You Know

Funky has been recognized twice for “Best Theatre” alongside Theatreworks and Fine Arts Center (both Equity houses) in the Gazette’s Best of the Springs

“[Funky Little Theater Company] is a really exciting young company; they're ambitious and grassroots. Basically, they're doing right what a lot of others fail at. Their budget is not huge, but their sense of adventure knows no bounds.” — Idris Goodwin, Playwright & Poet

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